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More Reviews for Adjust Fire

“Adjust Fire is a tremendously valuable book. While all the pundits were home playing strategist and the journalists were judging warfare from the stratosphere, Lt. Col. Mike Baumann and his soldiers were fighting in the streets of Baghdad. This is the best book yet on the grit-and-gut-level challenges our troops have faced in Iraq. Magnificently honest, Adjust Fire is a work of great integrity.” — RALPH PETERS, author of Wars of Blood and Faith

 "Adjust Fire is a compelling and valuable on-the-ground account of counterinsurgency in Iraq.  Baumann's story is one of tremendous adaptation to a very complex environment and a very difficult problem set.  His story also illuminates the courage, dedication, toughness, and compassion of the American soldier.  His recommendations, informed by practical experience, deserve thorough consideration at the highest levels of the defense community.  — Colonel H.R. McMASTER, author of Dereliction of Duty, current military advisor to General Petreaus

 “Adjust Fire is a remarkable account of adaptation to the brutality and complexity of warfare in the 21st century. The exhilarating, exhausting realities of counterinsurgency warfare come to life in Lt. Col. Michael Baumann’s brilliant account of Task Force 1-21.”— LT. COL. PAUL YINGLING, author of A Failure of Generalship and current Commander of 1-21 Field Artillery

“Lt. Col. Michael Baumann writes about hard work, sacrifice and understanding of the global enemy we face at a time where the fog of national pessimism and gloom block our path toward victory. Baumann was up to his eyeballs fighting a counter insurgency before anyone at the DOD would admit there was an insurgency to fight, yet his take is anything but negative. Baumann is a commander any father would want their son to serve under. There is no substitute for Baumann’s leadership style: from the front, honest and always with heart.” – DAVID BELLAVIA, author of House to House: An Epic Memoir of War, and Medal of Honor nominee

 “Adjust Fire is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the challenges facing the American military in Iraq. Lt. Col. Michael Baumann’s honest and insightful account of his year in Iraq is a testament to hard work, leadership, and American ingenuity.” —PETE HEGSETH, Executive Director, Vets For Freedom 


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