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Adjust Fire

Transforming to Win in Iraq

by Lt. Col. Michael A. Baumann (USA, Ret.)

  • sees the origins of present conflict in mistakes of the earliest counterinsurgent years
  • illustrates U.S. military commanders struggling to meet political goals of the Bush Administration
  • examines how counterinsurgent warfare in Iraq has forced the Army to transform
  • gives background to tactical and political decisions occurring in Iraq right now
  • answers the burning political question about the war in Iraq: What now?
  • addresses leadership, culture, training, honor and emotional hardships of soldiers
  • helps lay readers understand what it's like to be in a military commander's boots
  • makes the military world comprehensible and the war in Iraq less convoluted
  • answers questions politicians and pundits are unable to provide the American electorate
  • helps reader see inside the Army to better understand the complexity and difficulty of this war
  • shows how bottom-up democratic process has the best chance for success in Iraq
  • shows how and why Gen. Petraeus has begun to turn the tide in favor of the U.S.
  • provides clear cut examples of how the Army can change its methods to realize a more capable force
  • provides roadmap against terrorist-based conflicts that loom ahead in the future
  • 484 pages; 56 illustrations; $25; to purchase this book with a credit card, click here
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