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We are pleased to introduce our latest publication:

by Clifton Ware

A handbook for singing professionals

258 pp; paperbound; $25; ISBN 0-9744071-1-9 click here to examine this book

Sophie Ginn-Paster, Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory, Ohio


"I truly marvel at Dr. Ware's succinct and clear writing of a very needed text which I will be requiring all my voice students to purchase. How fortunate these young students will be to have guidance and inspiration for their chosen profession. Bravo for publishing this excellent book."   

Cheryl Coker, Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi


"Clifton Ware has written a text that addresses many and varied roles that a singer plays throughout his or her career in music.  Dr. Ware calls upon experiences of many singers (among them Jennifer Larmore, Dawn Upshaw and Denyce Graves) as well as his own. Each of the twenty brief chapters highlights a specific role: philosopher, psychologist, vocal athlete, musician, linguist, scholar, business manager, pedagogue, colleague, healer, citizen. . . These are some of the roles defined.

"I found this book to be both informative and invigorating for me as one who has assumed many of these roles throughout my performing and teaching career.  This will be a text that I will strongly recommend to my students as they begin their study.  The scope of the book brings together much valuable “food for thought” for beginning vocal students who plan a career in music while, also, serving as an excellent resource for those of us who are further along in our vocal journey."   

Thomas Potter, University of Central Florida, Orlando


"Clif Ware's new book, The Singer's Life: Goals and Roles, serves as a detailed blueprint of what it means to be a vocal musician.  It ought to be required reading for all young persons interested in voice study, their parents and their teachers, and for anyone else wondering what it means to be a singer.  From learning strategies and technical advice to career objectives and vocal health, I am amazed at just how much Dr. Ware covers in a single publication. As with his other books Dr. Ware presents complicated subjects in a most enjoyable and clear manner.  It is almost as fun to read as it is to attend one of his workshops."

Roma Prindle, Morehead State University, Kentucky


"The Singer's Life is another wonderful opus from Clif Ware. I had the good fortune to study with Clif for a year back in the late 80's. His way of looking at the world and singing is something that should be shared in every way possible."

Janet Ahern, University of Minnesota, Morris


"Reading Clifton Ware's book is like having a chat with some of the singing greats of our era.  There are so many wonderful tips and much good advice for singers of all ages. The book is far cheaper than even one lesson!"

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